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All Natural Hydrate Box
Hydrate Box
Hydrate Box
Upcycled Tote From Ghana
Hand Blown Glass From Mexico
Fair Trade Coconut Oil
Fair Trade Hydration Products
Soothing Coconut Oil
Bronze Animal Bottle Stopper
Lip Balm From Zambia
Fair Trade Hydration Supplies
African Upcycled Tote Bag
Hydrate Subscription Box
$ 60.00

Hydrate Box

Included in this box:
  • Upcycled Tote Bag from Ghana
  • Coconut Oil from Thailand
  • Hand Blown Glass from Mexico
  • Zambeezi Lip Balm from Zambia
  • Bottle Stopper OR Handwoven Basket



On this blue planet, water is the ultimate elixir. Everything is better that’s hydrated—your body, your mood, your pets, your plants. This kit offers your hydration efforts both practicality and pizazz.

The coconut oil is well, a miracle in the business of moisturizing. It’s the most versatile salve we've ever seen, and over the top with health benefits. The lip balm emerges from one of the most pristine pockets of the planet, land whose stewardship you are now a part of. And the bottle stopper and glass vessel allow you to get hydrated (or just happy) in style.

Of course, water is no luxury—it’s a basic human right. So it seemed appropriate to partner up for this box with, an organization working to bring safe water to all 663 million people around the world who currently lack it. This time, your drink is also someone else’s.

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